A. ProFB : Software to program Sanco-FB6100 control panel.

  1. ProFB Ver3.3
  2. ProFB Ver3.4
  3. ProFB Ver4.5
  4. ProFB Ver4.6
  5. ProFB Ver4.8
  6. ProFB Ver5.1
  7. ProFB Ver5.5


B. Iride : Software to manage Sanco graphical program (HMI) on PC.

  1. Iride Ver2.7.1
  2. Iride Ver2.7.2
  3. Iride Ver3.0.0
  4. Iride Ver3.1.2
  5. Iride Ver3.3.0
  6. Iride Ver3.4.0
  7. Iride Ver3.4.2


C. FET-Pro430 : Software to change firmware version of Sanco-FB6100 I/O cards.

D. OPC Server : Software to manage a group of Sanco-FB6100 control panel.

E. ProgApp : Software to change firmware version of Sanco-FB6100 CPUs.

F. PicoLog : Software to concentration test during CO2 extinction.